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Took Me 30 Years To Learn This Truth About The Gospel

Char is holding a devotional. Title reads: The freedom of the gospel. It took me 30 years to learn this truth about the gospel.

So many Christians live in fear and doubt these days. I know this well, I was one of them. I loved God and wanted to please Him, but I feared ​Him too, and His judgement. I feared angering Him and I feared death because I doubted my own salvation. I was relying on my own flawed and weak attempts to be good enough and lived in constant disappointment and frustration at my own shortcomings. I knew I could never live up to His standards and it terrified me. I was unaware of the incredible freedom ​that comes only through The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Reflections After Two Years in Bed With ME/CFS

Girl lying on a bed, looking thoughtful. Title reads, Reflections after two years in bed. Thoughts on Faith, Patience, Surrender & Acceptance.

As the new month starts, I am filled with joy and anticipation. ​It's been two years since I fell ill, that's two whole years in bed with ME/CFS, but I am celebrating. My sister says remembering the very day I got sick is like a memorial, something sad and depressing, but it's not like that for me!

I have a very different perspective. I praise God that I have never felt hopeless or depressed by my current circumstances. I have never suffered resentment and anger at having lost the very full life I had built here in London.

I love new beginnings, and for me, every new month is a new beginning. So is each new week, really. I enjoy celebrating the ordinary! In this post I want to share some very personal reflections as I look back at the road I've travelled and celebrate this new beginning.

Yesterday marked 2 years since I have been able to do any form of exercise that wasn't just a short walk. My last workout was actually a bike ride. It was Easter break and I was visiting my family in Italy.

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Reflections On Faith Through Chronic Fatigue And Pain

A bird soaring in the sunset sky. Title reads: Reflections on faith through chronic illness after 18 months of chronic fatigue and pain.

​Today marks 18 months of this ​Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. At least 18 months in this severe housebound state, we imagine I might have had it milder for at least 6 months before this. As a Christian, I find myself reflecting on the role of my faith through chronic illness.

I don't believe God made me ill or that He is testing me. I don't think God works like that. In my view, that would contradict His character of Love. ​Many people who suffer from long term illness and disability question God's love and wonder why they are so unwell. In this post I want to address those questions.

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