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Write A Guest Post On This Blog is a place where I share my experience of life as a Christian with chronic illness, but I'd love to share your experience too. I am passionate about raising awareness not only about ME/CFS, which I have in a severe form, but also of other invisible illnesses and disabilities. 

I believe that by sharing our experiences we can educate the public as well as support others who might be suffering alone. I know it is a great comfort to find others who understand what we are going through.

Guest Interviews Av​​​​ailable

Choose the campaign you'd like to participate in and request the interview questions on the details page. Please note that these interview series are always evolving, so the questions you receive might differ slightly from previously published interviews.

A Day In My Life Series

What does your daily life look like now compared to before you fell ill?

Walk us through a day in your life.

Eat To Heal

Have you changed your way of eating in order to manage your condition?

Tell us how your new way of eating is benefiting you.

Faith Through Illness Series

Has your faith been affected by your condition?

How has faith helped you through chronic illness?

* There are currently no deadlines for these campaigns, they will run continuously until further notice. Depending on my condition, I aim to publish 1 post per campaign each month. You will be notified via email once your submission has been scheduled.

Write A Guest Post Instead

You are not limited to the above interviews. If you would rather not do a Q&A style interview, you may send in a completed guest post, please get in touch and let me know what you have in mind! I would love to share your story here on

I look forward to collaborating with you,

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