Interview: Faith Through Illness

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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post on my blog. In this Faith Through Illness series I hope to showcase a variety of Christians from around the world, people of faith who all struggle with different chronic conditions.

I want to share how your faith has been affected by your health and how the Lord gets you through it. Your struggles and your victories. 

There are a few ways you can share your story at Chronically Hopeful. Visit this page to find out about the various campaigns or complete the form below to participate in this Faith Through Illness series.

If you would like to have the questions sent to your inbox to complete at your leisure, please request your interview here:

You are not limited to these questions and may send in a completed guest post about your faith through illness or use these questions simply as a guide. You can email your entries and any accompanying photos to me at:

"Faith Through Illness" Interview Questions:

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Please note that by checking the box below, you are giving consent for your information to be published publicly on my blog and shared across all my social media platforms. All your submitted information, except your email address, will be made public. Your email address is only required in case I need to contact you regarding this submission. 

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Share some facts about the condition and how it affects you on a daily basis.
How long did it take? Which specialists did you see? How were you treated?
Were you a believer before falling ill? Share any struggles you had and how the Lord has got you through them.
Are you able to attend church? Do they stay in contact or visit when you can't? Do you feel supported?
For example, devotional time, singing, walks in the garden, prayer groups, journaling, etc.
Is there anybody in particular whose story you relate to or empathise with? Why?
Which verses bring you comfort? Which verses get you through the hard times?
How have you grown? What have you learned? Have there been any positive changes like a new direction in life or career?
For example, it might be a devotional, a Bible study or Christian fiction.
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Thank you for sharing your story!

You will be notified via email when your submission has been scheduled. Remember, if you would like to send in a couple of photos to accompany your story, you can email me at: Make sure to identify yourself so I know which interview they belong to. Thank you!

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