How I’ve Been Since Moving To The New House

Char lying on the sofa, looking exhausted. Title reads: how I've been since moving to the new house. Personal update.

We are settled in the new house now and I'm happy to say that I'm doing much better than I was a few months ago in London! Of course I'm still housebound, but I'm able to be up and walk around the house in the day. No more staying in bed all day, except during flares if I overdo things. Something I did over the last two days, but other than that I haven't ​had a big flare since moving to the new house in May!


​Improvements I'​m Enjoying

I'm managing about 1000 steps a day now, sometimes more, and bathing more frequently which is wonderful. I get dressed daily and spend time sitting at the dining room table, the sofa, my desk... No longer confined to my bottom bunk!

Just had my first shower in this house (usually I bath) and I even managed to get dressed straight after! Usually, until a couple of weeks ago, I have had to just put on a dressing gown and then lie on my bed for an hour or so before getting dressed.

I have also recently started helping my sis (occasionally) while she prepares our meals, no chopping of veg yet, mainly stirring things in the pot or washing veg, etc - and I haven't had too much fluctuation of symptoms from it.

Increased Activity In The House

This past week or two have been more active due to a dust mite infestation from an old bed the landlord had left here for me to use, so we've been doing deep cleaning regularly and had all our fabric items laundered.

It's been a huge job and simply hoovering daily is a terrible noise that has a negative effect on my body, even if I'm not the one hoovering. It hurts me all over. ​And because it was my bed, have been sleeping on the living room floor on an inflatable mattress and sleeping bag. I'm camping in my house!


The fact that I've only spent the past 2 days lying down from all this increased noise and commotion is a wonderful blessing. And I'm already doing much better today.

It's been such a blessing having my parents here to help us get it all done so quickly. I'm very grateful that this new house is closer to them. 

​Overall, I've had just a few small improvements over the past few months, but they add up and each one is absolutely worth celebrating. Praise God!

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