How To Manage ME/CFS, My Top Tips On How To Cope With Chronic Illness

Last year was a tough one for many of us, but looking back I ​realised that I have learned many[...]
​Have you ever experienced that moment of intense pain in your eyes and head when you've opened the curtains on[...]
This summer was a season of great change for our family. After little more than a year in our flat,[...]
Most people with chronic illness have experienced anxiety or panic at some point.  It's not always a condition on it's[...]
I came across this fantastic list of guidelines for how to live successfully with ME and just had to share[...]
Summer can be a really difficult time for people with chronic illness. Regulating body temperature is a common problem. Add[...]
Although May 12 is ME Awareness Day, a global day of "Millions Missing" protests and demonstrations by people with ME,[...]
When I was first diagnosed with ME/CFS, I felt lost. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was a condition I had never heard[...]
When I first got ME/CFS, I was so utterly exhausted, I slept many hours a day and I slept at[...]
One thing that can really cause a lot of stress for people with Chronic illness is coping with Christmas and[...]
I'm so excited to share this third part of my spoonie gift guide, I hope you are enjoying this series[...]
I know many people find such joy in shopping for gifts. They start shopping months in advance and they buy[...]
It can be quite tricky deciding what to buy your friends with chronic illness because of all the limitations and[...]
People with ME all suffer at varying degrees, we cannot compare our flares to somebody else's. What one considers an[...]
In the chronic illness community, I have found some of the strongest people you will ever come across. They are[...]
I often see people with ME/CFS writing about how they have spent hours in the emergency room only to be[...]
I am regularly contacted by people who have recently been diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They[...]
Natural Health Worldwide (NHW) is a new website that launched on 1 June, 2017. It is a portal which connects[...]
I've had quite a few people ask what I'm using for pain management. One of my favourite things since falling ill[...]
When living with a chronic illness it is easy to let all sorts of negative feelings creep in. Guilt, loneliness,[...]
If you are anything like me, you collect lovely journals and have a stack of them just waiting to be[...]
Living with a chronic illness like ME/CFS often means that you are housebound and unable to enjoy the outdoor activities[...]
Having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or any other chronic illness for that matter, can be extremely draining and leave you without[...]
Anybody who has ME or CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) will be very familiar with the boom and bust cycle.[...]
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