The Paleo-ketogenic Cookbook, by Dr Sarah Myhill

PK cookbook

Dr Myhill's latest book arrived in the mail today! It's a Paleo-ketogenic cookbook called "The PK Cookbook - Go Paleo-Keto and get the best of both worlds". I managed to get a copy on early release and love what I've seen so far.

I've been so excited to get this book and have already skimmed through it today, highlighting and sticking post-it notes all over the place! So far I like all the information I've seen, explanations about both the Paleo and the Keto ways of eating and why they would benefit us.

There are lots of charts, lists and scientific explanations sprinkled throughout the book as well as some jokes and quotes. Dr Myhill's personality comes through in her writing and makes her books fun to read. There are no coloured photographs or glossy pages, just the good stuff, the stuff that matters.


But I Have Brain Fog, I Can't Figure Out A Whole New Diet!

Of course if you have too much brain fog, you can just skip those technical chapters and go straight for the recipes and shopping lists. It's all been broken down into easy to follow instructions, right down to what words to use in your online search for the products used! Easy.

What's In The PK Cookbook?

There is a section for those who have difficulty cooking or preparing meals. Weekly meal plans and shopping lists. Herb and spice pairing lists as well as green, amber and red food lists based on carb content to help you stay in ketosis easily.

There are recipes for starters, soups, salads, meat dishes and sides. There are even recipes on fermenting your own foods and making dairy alternatives!

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Dr Myhill Knows Her Patients' Needs

The main focus is on keeping things simple and easy to handle. Dr Myhill knows her patients aren't the most active or energetic and this is reflected in the recipes and meal plans.

There's also some helpful info on supplements as well as clear explanations (and diagrams) about different types of fats and what makes some better than others.

There's just so much great info in this book, can't wait to read it all!

My Opinion

I highly recommend this book for anybody wishing to start out on a clean eating, paleo-ketogenic way of life.

I think this book is especially good for those with chronic illness, as Dr Myhill and co-author Craig Robinson have gone to great lengths to make this way of life accessible even to those of us who have trouble focusing and reading and for those who do not have the strength to cook.

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