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Quotes and Bible Verses to Share, from Feb 2018

Feb 2018 Freebies Quotes and Bible verses BLOG

In February I changed things up on my Instagram and created what I call a rainbow of positivity. My Bible verses and quotes now have plain backgrounds and span a lovely range of colours. I love how bright and cheerful they look and the encouraging messages they carry.

Here are all the Quotes and Bible Verse graphics I made and shared on social media in February. You are welcome to download any of these images.

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Does Chronic Illness Make You Feel Useless?

White flowers in a bouquet. Title reads: Does chronic illness make you feel useless? Don't compare yourself to others, you are enough.

Does chronic illness make you feel useless? I know that many ​Christians with chronic illness feel like they are no longer useful to God or others, that they have lost all purpose and can no longer contribute to society or ministry, but that is just not true! Don't compare your resources ​and abilities to anybody else's, they are yours and they are enough.

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