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Jennifer Cannon on Faith Through Illness: Hemiplegic Migraine

Woman smiling, she has short brown har and a stripy top. Caption reads, guest interview with Jennifer Cannon, Faith Through Illness.
This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Faith Through Illness

Welcome to the second interview on Faith Through Illness.  In this series we will meet a variety of Christians from around the world, people who all struggle with different chronic conditions.

We will hear from them how their faith has been affected by their health and how the Lord gets them through it. Their struggles and their victories. 

I hope you will find these stories as encouraging as I do!

Today I'm sharing Jennifer's journey of faith. She has a great blog called "The Frozen Mind" where she writes about life with chronic illness, more specifically migraines, she shares her faith, favourite books and more!

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