Terms Of Use Of Awareness Graphics

​By using ​any of my free services to create awareness graphics, you are agreeing that your ​submitted ​information and/or photos will be shared publicly, by me and others, on social media and possibly on printed posters as part of the annual ​ME awareness campaigns.

You may ​use your ​personalised ME awareness poster ​whenever you wish​, you do not have to wait for my permission or for ME Awareness ​days to share it. The same applies to any of the other awareness graphics I create.

These graphics are all available, free of charge, for sharing online and ​on paper for the sole purpose of raising awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyeliltis​ provided the graphics remain unedited and in tact​.

You may not edit, crop, or modify in any way, any of the awareness images I have made.

You may add your own captions below the images and you do not need to link back to me or credit me for the images.

The graphics are not​ to be sold in any form, whether individually or as part of a collection, composition or product​.

The graphics may not be printed on physical items other than paper for ​display purposes at awareness events.*

*​You may ​have your own personalised ME awareness poster printed onto a t-shirt to ​be worn at events provided the t-shirts are not sold​.

​Your ​Privacy

I understand that ​you might be in a vulnerable position and ​you cannot be identified publicly. You may still contribute to my awareness campaigns anonymously.

If you do not wish to show your face, where a photo is necessary, you ​may send a representative image instead. ​You could send a photo of your view from your bed in the "ME Perspective" style or send a photo of an empty pair of shoes you no longer wear.

If you do not wish to use your real name, you may use a nickname or initials.

Your email address will not be shared publicly, it is only needed to contact you about your ​submissions, if necessary, and to send ​the completed ​graphics to you if applicable.

If you ​are still unsure about how you may or may not use ​my awareness graphics, please contact me.​

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