Tiny white bugs, gone at last!

At last the saga of the dust mites is over! The bugs seem to be gone after 2 weeks of intense cleaning and hoovering and constantly examining every nook and cranny of the house to make sure they hadn’t spread elsewhere and zapping every single mite we found!

If you don’t know the story about my bug infestation, you can read about it in an earlier post, here.

To say I am now paranoid about creepy crawlies is an understatement. They have really messed with my head. I can’t stop staring at every speck of dust to make sure it doesn’t move!

Unfortunately, they had spread to a couple of pieces of furniture in my bedroom and, by moving items of clothing or bedding, they had also moved to another wardrobe in a different room. Such a nightmare!

We have had all our fabric items laundered at high temperatures, risking damage and loss of clothes and such, simply to get rid of them once and for all. The house is now full of huge bags of laundered clothes which still haven’t been packed back into the wardrobes as we continue to inspect and clean until we are comfortable to put the clothes back in.

I haven’t found even one moving speck in a few days, so I am hopeful that this nightmare is coming to an end.

Once the infected bed was removed, we hoovered daily. Floors, skirtings, wardrobes, shelves, everything. We wiped surfaces with rubbing alcohol and I’m still waiting for a delivery of clove oil which is said to kill and deter mites.

I have moved my new bed back into the room and am so glad to be back in my own room and no longer camping on the living room floor!

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