Hopeful Gardening

Growing Food In An Urban Container Garden

Join me in my urban container garden. Learning to grow food and flowers on a south-west facing balcony in a Zone 9 Mediterranean climate. I’m passionate about finding ways to make gardening accessible despite the limitations that come with chronic illness.

Below are some of my latest garden updates and below that I’ll add a list of some of my favourite gardening tools and accessories that help make gardening with a disability easier.

  • Crops In Pots, Indoor Gardening While Housebound

    Crops In Pots, Indoor Gardening While Housebound

    ​This month my sister and I are taking on a new project: crops in pots! I have always been interested in gardening and have always had a dream of being self-sufficient, living off the land, ​so now we are going to have a go at growing some edibles in pots at home!  In this series,…