When Preparing A Meal Makes You So Weak You Can’t Even Eat The Meal

Char standing in front of her desk. She has dark circles under her eyes. Title Reads: When I'm Too Weak To Eat The Food I've Prepared

​It's been a very weak and shaky few days. Trying to live within my very low energy limits is not easy. I seem to be crashing constantly. It makes managing everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning quite difficult.


When Cooking Makes You Collapse

Yesterday I rested all morning then at midday I made a salad and almost collapsed, fortunately my bed is just a few steps from my kitchenette! ​I praise God for this tiny flat, God knew what was coming - things would have been so much harder in any of my previous accommodations.

So, after preparing the salad, I ​dropped down on my bed to recover and ​ended up having my lunch three hours later. Had another rest after lunch too, till dinner when I felt better and had the leftovers.

I ​also managed to fill a bag with some clothes I no longer fit into. I've lost a lot of weight this year, a bit of sorting was ​quite necessary. My next visitor gets to walk it to the charity bin down the road!

The Day After The Crash

This morning was better, although I'm still shaky all over, but I had to just push through it. I ​really needed a shower and to take advantage of the gorgeous sunshine ​to wash some bedding.

Spicy stir-fry with sweet potato wedges on the side.

​I ​did manage a very colourful lunch today! ​It was a spicy stir-fry with baked sweet potato on the side. ​

I ​made it with minced beef, ​bell pepper, celery, mushrooms, onion, red cabbage and ceyanne pepper. Yum! ​Have to learn to prepare meals in shifts...

Now I am lying on the bed for the rest of the day... Phew! I'm exhausted, I'll not be pushing it any more.

Grateful Anyway...

I just want to say thank you to all my friends. You don't know how blessed I am by all the support and encouragement you've given. Your messages, Bible verses, worship songs, phone calls, visits and prayers are so appreciated and loved!

From the meals and transport you have offered, accompanying me on hospital visits, chores you've done for me, going to get the random items I've needed from the store... 

And I know that behind the scenes there is an army of people praying for me too - for this I am so grateful!

God is awesome and I know he's answering those prayers, in his time.

I have his peace in this storm, I have his joy in the pain, his strength in my weakness and I have the Lord with me always, even in the isolation this illness often demands.

Praise God for his faithfulness! I love the way he loves us.

Note: ​a version of this ​was ​first published on​ Facebook​. Although this website was only created about a year later, I wanted to have my whole chronic illness story ​in one place, so I have transferred it here and backdated it.

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