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This past week we discovered that my bed, which was in the house when we moved in, had some tiny white bugs! Not bedbugs thankfully, more like tiny dust mites or something similar. Teeny tiny white specks of dust that crawl around independently.

So annoying because now I cannot stop staring at every speck of dust I notice on any surface: does it move? Quite nerve wrecking!


The landlord was brilliant and came out the same day I called him to take the bed away and we've had multiple sessions of hoovering and wiping down surfaces and constantly going in my room to check (real close to every surface) if we can see any more specks moving.

Since the bed was removed we have found only about 5, before it was about 5 every couple of hours and only on one item I leaned against the bed.

So glad we seem to be coming to the end of this - apart from the huge amount of bedding and clothing that is quarantined in bags, waiting for the large machines and driers at the laundry. We've taped the bags shut so they can't escape.

Landlord just brought me a "new" bed. It's used too, but way better condition than the other one and it doesn't smell bad at all.

Both room and the bed will be hoovered and inspected a few more times before we put the new bed in my room. I'll sleep in the living room for a few more nights I think.

We are using the hoover and wiping down surfaces with alcohol. Since they were mainly in the bed, I'm not sure how we would have got rid of them without getting rid of the whole bed!

Dust Mites or Mould Mites

Have you ever had these tiny white bugs in your home? You can Google dust mites and mould mites for more information and photos to compare. 

It seems like they gather in places where dead skin can accumulate, as well as warm or damp areas. This includes beds and electrical equipment like laptops and game controllers where dead skin cells can get trapped under the buttons.

Find out how we got rid of them over here!

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