A crocheted twiddle muff with tassels and buttons on it lying on the carpet. Title reads, How to crochet s twiddle muff

How To Crochet A Twiddle Muff, A Handmade Sensory Toy To Relieve Anxiety

Most people with chronic illness have experienced anxiety or panic at some point.  It’s not always a condition on it’s own, but commonly is a symptom of other illnesses that affect the autonomic nervous system. There are many ways to reduce anxiety and stress, but today I will be sharing a fun and creative craft project that will help you restore calm to your world – the Twiddle Muff! If you’ve ever met somebody with mental health or even chronic…

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Char wearing a knitted scarf she made. It's black with autumn colour speckles. Title Reads: Bianca Scarf In Autumn Colours

Knitting: Bianca Scarf In Autumn Colours

I’ve completed my second knitting project! So pleased with this one. It was so much fun knitting it too. It’s a kit called “Bianca” in such rich Autumn colours. I completed it last night and this morning, once my headache subsided, I added the fringe. Between the dozing off, that is. Terrible flare this past week, absolutely floored. Muscle pain all over, exhaustion, headaches, joint pains, and this overpowering sleepiness (different to the exhaustion) – all more than usual. But…

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Char standing out in the sunshine, wearing a leather jacket and a woolen neck warmer she knitted. Title reads: I've started knitting again. Knitting project 1

I’ve Started Knitting Again!

Celebrating my first completed knitting project since I was about ten years old! I have been trying to knit a scarf with this one ball of wool for years and years, I’ve knitted and undone it so many times over and last night I finally completed it. One ball obviously wasn’t enough for a full scarf, so it’s been turned into a twisted neck warmer. I think it’s officially called an infinity scarf – it’s so warm and soft too!…

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