Book cover on the left features a diamond shaped mountain with title He's making Diamonds by Sarah Willoughby above. The Title and author name appear in text on the right.

Book Review: He’s Making Diamonds

Geared towards teens suffering with chronic illness, this book aims to answer some of those tough questions believers often find themselves asking when things seem to be falling apart. This is Sarah Willoughby’s debut work, and I think she has done a great job of highlighting God’s heart and love for us even in the midst of suffering. Are you a teenager trying to navigate faith through chronic illness? I’m here to tell you, you are not alone. When sickness…

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Book cover on the left features girl standing outside on a farm with caption that reads "Can a rebellious heart find peace?". On the right it says Book Review, Nobody's Girl, A pre-WWII Family Saga Fiction by Tania Crosse

Book Review: Nobody’s Girl, By Tania Crosse

I’m so excited to share this heart-warming story with you today! Nobody’s Girl by Tania Crosse is a fantastic book full of family drama, tragedy, friendship and love. You will follow wonderfully relatable characters through the most trying times of their lives – prepare to be transported on a rollercoaster of emotional events. Loved this book! The boom years immediately after the Great War bring nothing but happiness for wealthy industrialist Wigmore Stratfield-Whyte and his wife Clarissa – until tragedy…

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Book Review, Annabeth's War By Jessica Greyson, ChronicallyHopeful

Book Review: Annabeth’s War, by Jessica Greyson

In my first book review I’m sharing my thoughts on this lovely novella by Jessica Greyson. Annabeth’s War was her debut work and it happens to be the first book I read from beginning to end on my new Kindle! It’s an exciting tale of a young girl’s quest to save her loved ones and her country from an evil Lord that has his eyes on the throne while the King is away at war and the fascinating characters she…

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Book Review: The PK Cookbook by Dr Sarah Myhill. Go Paleo-ketogenic and get the best of both worlds.

The Paleo-Ketogenic Cookbook, by Dr Sarah Myhill

Dr Myhill’s latest book arrived in the mail ​this week! It’s a Paleo-ketogenic cookbook called “The PK Cookbook – Go Paleo-Keto and get the best of both worlds“. I managed to get a copy on early release and love what I’ve seen so far. Couldn’t Put It Down I’ve been so excited to get this book and have already gone through the whole book, highlighting and sticking post-it notes all over the place! ​I like all the information I’ve seen,…

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