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This M.E. Directory is an ever-growing list of links to M.E. blogs and organizations. The links will open in a new window.

Please contact me if you know of a link that should be added.

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I do not necessarily endorse any methods or advice mentioned on the linked pages, please do your own research and speak to your health care provider before making changes to your treatment plan. 

Blogs by ME / CFS Patients And Carers

* This directory will be updated periodically. Please contact me if you're a blogger with ME or CFS and would like to be added to this list.

Char from
Emma from Not Just Tired
Jo from A Journey Through The Fog
Mishka from Crafts, Chronic Illness & Adulting
Jennie from Occupy M.E.
Elizabeth from Rag and Bone Shop of The Heart
Anita from Anita's Actions
Corina from Little Wings
Heather from Heather Dreske Blog
Jane from The New Plague
Susie from Find Your Own Hope
Jamison from Jamison Writes
Lois from Where Truth Lives
Cort from Health Rising
Understanding Severe M.E.
Laura from Laura's Pen
Jenny from Tips For ME
Emma from Consciously Healthy
Clare from Smiling Clare
Hannah from Super Pooped
Robin from Sleepy Girl
dSavannah Rambles
Susan from Cinder Bridge
Penny from Hope Found In ME
Sue from Living With ME/CFS
Alisha Whittam's Blog
Steph from Rainy Days And Bright Clouds
Stonebird by Greg Crowhurst
Julie from ME/CFS Self-Help Guru
Amy from Chronic Glow
Ali from Living An Everyday Kind Of Life
Veronique from Chronic Illness Trauma Studies

Dormant Blogs

These blogs have not been updated in over a year, but still contain great content which highlights what it's like living with M.E.

Four photos of ME bloggers, title reads "ME/CFS bloggers directory"

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Four photos of ME bloggers, title reads "ME/CFS bloggers directory"

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M.E. Advocacy, Research & Support Groups

* This directory will be updated periodically. Please contact me if you know of a website that should be added to this list. 

Based In The United States

A global movement fighting for recognition, education and research.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Open Medicine Foundation
Supporting medical research to find effective treatments and diagnostic markers for ME and related chronic diseases.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Solve ME/CFS Initiative
A non-profit organization aiming to accelerate the discovery of safe and effective treatments.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Bateman Horne Center
Aims to empower patients, advance research, and improve care for those with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Pandora Org
Patient focused organisation providing advocacy, education and support.
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Dedicated to research, education, treatment and finding a cure for CFS/ME.

Based In The United Kingdom

The ME Association
Awareness campaigns, research funding and patient support.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Action For ME
Providing information, support and advice to children and adults with M.E. Home of the Young People's Community.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Cure ME & Biobank
Leading participatory epidemiological, clinical and laboratory research into ME/CFS, home of the UK's first Biobank for ME.
Facebook | Twitter

The ME Trust
Providing multi-disciplinary care and support directly to patients, their families and carers.
Facebook | Twitter

M.E. Support
Providing information, advice and support.

25% M.E. Group
Advocacy, advice and support for people with Severe M.E.

Tymes Trust
The young ME sufferer's trust. Pursuing the educational rights and advancing the care of children with ME.
Facebook | Twitter

Irish ME/CFS Association
Offering support to sufferers and carers, raising funds for research, providing information to raise awareness among the general public as well as within the medical profession and health care services. 

Irish M.E. Trust
Providing information and counselling to those affected by M.E. as well as raising awareness among the general public and health care professionals. 

ME Advocates Ireland
A non-profit, volunteer group advocating for recognition of ME in Ireland by promoting greater understanding of ME in the general public, medical profession and other related services.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Based In Europe

Associazione Onlus Malati Di CFS (Italia)
Sensibilizzazione sulla gravità di questa malattia, in modo che i procedimenti di diagnosi, riconoscimento e terapie vengano resi più efficaci ed immediati.

Associazione CFS Onlus (Italia)
Fornire informazioni e documentazione, diffondere conoscenze, sviluppare contatti con analoghe associazioni e tutelare i malati presso le istituzioni.
Facebook | Instagram 

Other Areas Worldwide

Emerge Australia
Providing education and advocacy and supporting people with M.E.
Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 

ME CFS Foundation South Africa
Addressing the needs of sufferers and advocating for their rights as well as educating the public, health care professionals and government.
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

FM-CFS Canada - Compassion In Action
Aims to advance education, awareness and treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Featured ME & CFS Warriors

These are guest posts submitted by people with ME or CFS.

ME warrior overcoming stigma and disbelief. Emma shares her story. Emma wearing a red Millions Missing shirt, with oxygen tube in her nose.
ME Warrior living with ME since the age of 18. Brittany Lachapelle shares her story. Photo of Brittany lying in hospital wearing a hospital gown.
Hailey is outside, looking back over her shoulder, she is smiling. Title reads A day in my life with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Interview with Hailey Hudson, by Chronically Hopeful

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