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Chronically Hopeful is a space to share encouragement, practical advice and faith notes relating to living a life of hope with chronic illness. My name is Char. I'm a Christian, a dreamer and optimist, a lover of all things creative, health and nutrition related! I am also passionate about raising awareness of chronic illness, specifically ME/CFS which has kept me housebound for over 2.5 years now. I hope you will find my posts positive and helpful. 

Keeping an eternal perspective
I absolutely believe that we are safer with God in any storm than we would be anywhere else without Him.[...]
MAIMES: Medical Abuse in ME Sufferers
As anybody with ME/CFS and their carers will know, many doctors and health care practitioners still treat ME as a[...]
ME/CFS Awareness, 15 Nov 2017
As you might know by now, I spend every Wednesday evening on Twitter, along with many other ME/CFS warriors, taking[...]
Bullet Journal: When time passes you by
Have you ever opened your journal to find you've skipped a whole week of your life? I did that today.[...]
Recipe for Fat Head, Keto Pizza & Toppings
Can you really have a movie night without a pizza? For months after I had transitioned to keto, I didn't[...]
Life is like a twisting roller-coaster ride
It's easy to get caught up in all the negatives that happen in life. Things don't go your way, you[...]
ME/CFS Awareness, 8 Nov 2017
I have a date tonight - with Twitter! Every Wednesday evening I spend an hour on Twitter, along with a[...]
Update: current ME/CFS flare is slowing me down
It's hard to deal with these unexpected flares or relapses that seem to come out of the blue.  You end[...]
How to set up a macro tracking app for your ketogenic diet, part 2
The thought of tracking macros scares many people into delaying their keto journey, but it's really not as complicated at[...]
ME/CFS flares: what do they feel like and how to cope
People with ME all suffer at varying degrees, we cannot compare our flares to somebody else's. What one considers an[...]
ME/CFS Awareness, 1 Nov 2017
Every Wednesday evening I take part in an online event called ME Awareness Hour. The event takes place on Twitter[...]
November 2017 Bullet Journal setup
I haven't done one of these flip through posts in a while. My journal has evolved a bit since the[...]