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Natural Health Worldwide: an innovative patient-centred portal
Natural Health Worldwide (NHW) is a new website that launched on 1 June, this year. It is a portal which[...]
MSM for Chronic Pain Relief
I've had quite a few people ask what I'm using for pain management. One of my favourite things since falling ill[...]
How I’m tackling this ME/CFS flare
It's almost noon and I'm still in bed. I just Sat up actually when my sis brought me a nice[...]
How carbs make my ME/CFS worse
I have spent so much time on the sofa and in my bed again this week. One would think I'd[...]
The freedom of Letting go
Sometimes you don't notice the weight you're carrying until you let it go. This is often such a hard truth[...]
Ten Commandments for Reducing Stress
When living with a chronic illness it is easy to let all sorts of negative feelings creep in. Guilt, loneliness,[...]
Enjoying Nature when you’re Housebound with Chronic Illness
Living with a chronic illness like ME/CFS often means that you are housebound and unable to enjoy the outdoor activities[...]
My wheelchair and I: shopping with the family
I actually left the house this week! Leaving the house is not something that happens very often when you have[...]

Nemo's Kitchen

Histamine Intolerance, how I’m reducing my rashes and hives
Have you been experiencing itching, rashes or hives since changing your diet? Have you had no luck in identifying an[...]
Paleo-ketogenic Bounty Bars Recipe
I often get asked about the recipe for these delicious treats. When you switch to a paleo or ketogenic way[...]
Allergic reaction: hives and itching
I went to the doctor again this week. This is the fourth doctor I've seen about my itching. She was[...]
The Paleo-ketogenic Cookbook, by Dr Sarah Myhill
Dr Myhill's latest book arrived in the mail today! It's a Paleo-ketogenic cookbook called "The PK Cookbook - Go Paleo-Keto[...]
How to get started on a ketogenic diet, part 1
Transitioning to a ketogenic diet can be quite daunting! Not only are you changing the way you eat, but the[...]
Paleo-ketogenic Menu Plan Monday, 10 April 17
One of the first things I learned when I started a low carb diet 2 years ago, was that preparation[...]
Keto Rash: Relieve The Itch
I have been on the paleo-ketogenic diet for exactly 8 weeks now. As many of you know, I am using[...]
Basic Paleo-ketogenic Meal Plan for Beginners
Since starting Dr Myhill's recommended diet, I have had quite a few requests for a basic meal plan. Many people find[...]

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Bullet journal helpful for people with chronic illness
If you are anything like me, you collect lovely journals and have a stack of them just waiting to be[...]
BuJo July: New month, new schedule, new goals!
I discovered the bullet journal craze in 2016 while I was looking for a way to track my symptoms, medications,[...]
Decorating my journal
I'm starting a new journal tomorrow with the start of the new month. I want to track my health: supplements,[...]