Tiny Task Tuesday – Creating Sanctuary At Home

A sofa with comfy cushions and a vase of dried flowers on a copper table. Title reads: Tiny task Tuesday, Creating sanctuary at home, one tiny task at a time

If you're anything like me, living with a chronic illness means that you're super low on energy on a daily basis and the chores at home just keep piling up. After months of looking at an untidy bedroom since moving the furniture around some time last year, I've decided it's time to tackle the clutter and turn my room, and house, into the sanctuary it should be: tidy, organised, functional and not to mention beautiful and easy to maintain. How could I possibly do that without depleting my very low energy supplies? By tackling just one tiny task at a time and resting well between them. Will you join me?


How Does Tiny Task Tuesday Work?

The idea is to tackle one small task per week to make our surroundings more tidy and uncluttered. Just one a week? Yes. We're chronically ill, let's be realistic and not bite off more than we can chew.

Of course, if we've done a tiny task over Thursday and Friday and on Sunday we feel up to tackling another, then why not? If my tiny tasks inspire you to tackle small things more frequently, while staying within your limits, then I celebrate that with you, but that is not the goal here. The goal is to keep it sustainable for the majority and make it enjoyable by doing it together. 

Each Tuesday I will publish the tiny task for that week on my social media accounts. I will include a description of what to do and how to make it manageable and I'll also include my "to do" and "ta-da" photos to illustrate what a difference one small task can make.

Why Publish Your Chores Online?

Sharing the Tiny Task Tuesday challenge online has a few benefits. Firstly, accountability. When you share something regularly online, others expect to see it at a certain time and this keeps you on task.

Another reason for sharing it online is that it could inspire or motivate others to do something similar. They might see our photos and think "I could do that!" and so they improve their surroundings too. Even just the thought that we are in this together could motivate some to join in too.

Sharing our "to do" and "ta-da" photos online also allows others in the community to see our small victories and celebrate them with us. It creates a domino effect of positivity.

Inspiration For This Challenge

The idea of tackling one small task at a time is not new - this type of challenge has existed for many years on the internet and in different communities around the world. It has been led by various people on various platforms, so I cannot take full credit for the idea. It has had various names too, including phrases like: small things, tiny tasks, small steps, just one thing... you get the idea.

The main theme is that you don't have to do something big and flashy to make a difference. Forward is forward, no matter how slow you go or how small the steps are. And you'd be surprised what a difference it can make in your life when many small steps or tiny tasks accumulate over time.

How To Join In

If you'd like to join me in this new challenge to create a little bit of sanctuary at home, simply follow one of my social media accounts (listed below) so you get the new challenge each Tuesday and then you have the week to break it down and take care of it at your own pace.

If you'd like to share your Tiny Task online, remember to take a before photo and an after photo and if you'd like, you can even take in-between shots too! 

Then you can upload your photos to social media, tell us how you did it and how you feel about it and use the hashtag #TinyTaskTuesday so other participants can find you and celebrate your victory too.

If you'd rather not share your photos, you can still participate. You're also welcome to share your photos or just your experience in comments on my posts too. 

Here's to bringing some order and beauty to our homes, one tiny task at a time!

A sofa with comfy cushions and a vase of dried flowers on a copper table. Title reads: Tiny task Tuesday, Creating sanctuary at home, one tiny task at a time

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An Example Of A #TinyTaskTuesday Post

Welcome to #TinyTaskTuesday! Each week I will be sharing a tiny task that I'll be doing to make my surroundings more tidy, functional or beautiful without exhausting my energy supplies.

I'd love for you to join me, if you're up for it. We can encourage and motivate each other and hopefully, together, we can create a little bit of sanctuary at home, one tiny task at a time.

This week I'm focusing on my bedside trolley. I have two, but I'm tackling just one this week. The idea is to think about what you really need or want next to your bed and just get rid of the rest - it can be dealt with another day.

Over time things can get pretty out of hand and pile up, especially during a flare. Use a timer to create short sessions, spread throughout the week, so you don't overdo things and rest well between each session.

If you scroll through the photos you'll see my before and after pictures (or as I like to call them, to do and ta-da!). It took me about 4x 5-minute sessions, spread over 2 days, to complete this tiny task. Waking up to a tidy and functional bedside trolley is such a joy though!

I hope you will join me whenever possible, if you do, use the hashtag so I can find your post and celebrate your ta-da!

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Char's bedside trolley, halfway tidied. Title reads: time to rest
Char's bedside trolley, untidy and cluttered. Title reads: to do
Char's bedside trolley, neat and tidy. Title reads: ta-da!

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  • This is a fab idea for small, more manageable tasks. Pacing frustrates the hell out of me but eventually small steps really add up. I love your before and after pics of the trolley, it’s looking very organised! xx

    • Thanks, Caz! It’s amazing what a difference such small things can make. I can’t wait to tackle more tiny tasks around the house as and when energy allows. I’ve been on a social media break for some months and feel quite out of the loop… How are you doing these days? I’ll have to come over and visit your blog to catch up.

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