Flatlay of bullet journal open on a table with pents and washi tape above. Title reads June 2018 Bullet Journal layout and mid-year flip through.

Bullet Journal – June Layout And Mid-Year Flip Through

As we head into a new month I am excited to show you my new bullet journal layout for June! I’ll also share more detail about my symptom and mood tracker as well as a layout comparison with previous months. I cannot believe we are already half-way through 2018, time is just racing by so fast. I only started this year’s journal in March, so I don’t have 6 months of journal updates to show you, but I will share…

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March 2018 Bujo layout BLOG

Bullet Journal Layout, March 2018

My journaling has evolved much over the past few years since I discovered the Bullet Journal system. I love that this method is so flexible and streamline. The fact that my BuJo can be whatever I want it to be and if I change my mind or my style from one week to the next, it’s perfectly fine and it still works! At the start of this year I ordered a beautiful new journal, my goal was to start this…

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Bullet Journal layout November 2017, ChronicallyHopeful

November 2017 Bullet Journal setup

I haven’t done one of these flip through posts in a while. My journal has evolved a bit since the last post and I’m excited to show you what I’m using now. Things are definitely more streamline and simplified. It’s no use using a bullet journal if it’s only complicating your life, so by reviewing what worked this month and what didn’t, you can focus on what enhances your life and get rid of the clutter, even in your journal!

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A girl lying on her bed, writing in her jouornal. TItle reads: bullet journal helpful for people with chronic illness

Bullet Journal Helpful For People With Chronic Illness

If you’ve been hanging out on Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram, you might have heard about the Bullet Journal, but what you might not know is that a Bullet Journal is quite helpful for people with chronic illness.  If you are anything like me, you collect lovely journals and have a stack of them just waiting to be used. You never know when the need will arise to use a notebook, but when that moment comes, you’ll be ready!  I’ve started…

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An open journal featuring the September layout. Title reads: September layout, how I'm tracking my health and activities.

Bullet Journal Layout, September 2017

Don’t you just love the flexibility of the Bullet Journal system? I keep changing it up. Not only every month, but even weekly sometimes! It’s great that the pages are blank and I can create whatever layout and pages I need for the season I’m in. Here’s a walk through my September setup. Monthly Cover Page And Overview So once again I have changed my bullet journal layout as I found some things just weren’t working as well as they…

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A journal on the table, featuring a cover page for July with an under the sea theme featuring coral and seaweed. Title reads: New Month, New Schedule, New Goals. Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Layout, July 2017: New Month, New Schedule, New Goals!

I discovered the bullet journal craze in 2016 while I was looking for a way to track my symptoms, medications, activity levels and appointments. Brain fog makes keeping on top of things quite difficult and I’ve always enjoyed the idea of keeping a journal, in fact I collect notebooks and paper because I always imagine all the use I could get out if them. Bullet journals in particular are very versatile and personalisable which is perfect since we all have…

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A journal with hand drawn floral designs on the cover. Title reads: Decorating my journal cover. Bullet Journal.

Decorating My Journal Cover

I’m starting a new journal tomorrow with the start of the new month. I want to track my health: supplements, diet, symptoms, etc as well as my to do lists and blogging ideas and my schedules or routines, etc. So I spent today decorating my journal cover with a Sharpie. This is an old notebook from Poundland. I love these though, and have a few of them I have used over the years, mostly for note taking during Bible studies…

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