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Are you ready for this week’s ME News Headlines and Blog Updates from the ME Community? Get comfy, there are lots of exciting things to catch up on this week.

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We’re one month into the Tiny Task challenge, so today I’m celebrating all that I’ve achieved this month. If you’re not familiar with Tiny Task Tuesday, it’s all about training ourselves to pace, break activities down into smaller tasks and create sanctuary at home, one tiny task at a time. You can read more about [Read More]

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It’s been a busy few days of advocacy as it’s M.E. Awareness Week, so there are a lot of ME News and Blog Highlights to share this week. I am constantly amazed at the incredible creativity in this community. This week we feature quite a few poems as well as a beautiful stop motion film. [Read More]

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M.E. Awareness Month is well under way now, but among all the advocacy campaigns and fundraisers there is still research and other news to catch up on too. Below you’ll find a summary of this week’s M.E. News Headlines and this week I’ve also added links to all the current advocacy events I could find, [Read More]

This week's ME News Headlines and Blog Updates from the community

It’s May, which means it’s M.E. Awareness Month, so to get things going, I’m sharing this week’s ME News Highlights and Blog updates from the ME Community. Although most of the news this week is focused on the awareness campaigns that will be running this month, there are some other interesting articles to read too. Are [Read More]

A close up of granola, title reads: Keto granola recipe, a low carb, sugar and grain free breakfast or snack

One of the hardest things to adjust to when switching to a keto diet is giving up all those carb-filled, crunchy breakfast foods and snacks. This keto-friendly granola is not only low carb, sugar free and grain free, it’s also nutritious, delicious and crunchy! I eat it with CoYo for breakfast or as a dessert [Read More]

A sofa with comfy cushions and a vase of dried flowers on a copper table. Title reads: Tiny task Tuesday, Creating sanctuary at home, one tiny task at a time

If you’re anything like me, living with a chronic illness means that you’re super low on energy on a daily basis and the chores at home just keep piling up. After months of looking at an untidy bedroom since moving the furniture around some time last year, I’ve decided it’s time to tackle the clutter [Read More]

A close up of half of Jorja's face, title reads: Celebrating life despite depression, anxiety and ME/cfs.

After a long break, I am happy to be resuming our twice-monthly guest interviews. This week we are meeting Jorja who has been living with Depression, Anxiety and ME/CFS for many years. This interview is part of an ongoing series where we interview people from around the world who share how chronic illness or disability [Read More]

Lots of hands giving thumbs up with gold confetti falling down. Title Reads WEGO Health Awards, ChronicallyHopeful

I’m so grateful and humbled to be nominated for another WEGO Health Award. This is the third year in a row which is just incredible to me. This year I’ve been nominated in the Advocating For Another category. In previous years I was nominated for my blog and for my Facebook advocacy, As patient advocates, [Read More]

3 pots with seedling vegetables growing in them. Title reads Growing crops in pots, follow my gardening adventure growing vegetables indoors

​This month my sister and I are taking on a new project: crops in pots! I have always been interested in gardening and have always had a dream of being self-sufficient, living off the land, ​so now we are going to have a go at growing some edibles in pots at home!  In this series, I [Read More]

Watercolour painting of guinea fowl. Title reads: Critters in the garden, Week 3 of the Chronially Hopeful 52-week art project

​I was blown away by all the incredible critters you fabulous artists have created this week! It was week 3 and the prompt was Critters In The Garden. We had paintings, some pencil and ink drawings and we even had clay sculptures! Your creativity is so inspiring. I love seeing how each person interprets the [Read More]

A bunch of coral roses, title reads ME Community News. News Headlines and Blog Hightlighs, Week 3

​After a long break, I’m back with this week’s ME News highlights and blog updates from the ME community. So make yourself comfortable and let’s have a catch up with our fellow warriors and allies! ​Remember, if you find any of these posts ​helpful or interesting, please share them on your social media, it will help [Read More]

A photo of a bookshelf with books and greeting cards. Title reads: Getting organised for the year ahead.

​I am so excited for the year that lies ahead; something about new beginnings just really ​makes me happy. For me, 2019 was quite a difficult year health wise. It started off really well and then I think I overdid things in May with my very ambitious ME awareness campaigns and it totally wiped me [Read More]

A snowy winter scene painted with gouache. Title reads: Snowy Winter Scenes, Week 2 of the 2020 52-week art project.

​It’s week 2 of the Chronically Hopeful 52-week art project! This past week ​the theme was ​Snowy Scenes and I have ​loved seeing all the winter wonderlands you have created! ​If you missed the ​previous weeks, you’re still welcome to jump in at any point and join us on this arty adventure! This is a no [Read More]

A geometric watercolour pattern in shades of blue. Title reads: patterns in shades of blue, Week 1 of the 2020 Chronically Hopeful 52-week art project

The Chronically Hopeful 52-week art project has finally started. I have been so excited to get it off the ground since I came up with the idea and ​now it’s here! This week ​the theme was patterns in shades of blue and I have been blown away by the unique ways that each person has [Read More]

Sarah standing in front of a brick wall. She has pink hair and a black top. Title reads: Celebrating life despite Acute Dissemminated Encephalomyelitis. Interview with Sarah.

​Today I am honoured to share Sarah’s chronic illness story. She has been battling Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, also referred to as ADEM, for decades. This interview is part of an ongoing series where we meet warriors from around the world ​who share their struggles and victories as they navigate life with various chronic illnesses and [Read More]

Watercolour geometric pattern with paintbrushes and tubes of paint above the painting. Title reads: The chronically hopeful 52-week art project. A year of creativity with one prompt per week.

One of my goals for 2020 is to create more art. In order to reach that goal, I’ve created the Chronically Hopeful 52-Week Art Project​.​ It consists of 52 prompts, one for each week of the year, to ​guide my creativity, keeping me focused​ and inspired. Having a fluctuating chronic illness means that I’m not always [Read More]

Nicole wearing a black top and silver necklace. TItle reads: Celebrating life despite bipolar, anxiety and panic disorders. Interview with Nicole Neer

​This week I’m sharing Nicole’s story. This incredible warrior lives with ​multiple chronic illnesses including Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder as well as undiagnosed chronic pain and fatigue. ​Her interview is part of ​our ongoing series ​​featuring spoonie warriors from around the world, each ​highlighting the realities of life with ​chronic illness and invisible [Read More]

A bunch of orange flowers with bluish leaves, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 43 of 2019

​Brrr… It’s ​been so cold here in the UK this week. It’s the perfect weather to wrap up in a soft blanket with a hot drink and catch up on some community news! As usual, I’ve summarised this week’s top articles about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as well as the latest blog updates from some of our [Read More]

Pills lying on a table top. Title reads: Supplements to manage chronic fatigue and pain. Find out which supplements have helped me the most

I am often asked about the benefits of using supplements for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. People usually want to know which supplements I use for chronic pain or fatigue so they can have a better idea about where to start with their own supplement regime. Unfortunately, like everything else about this illness, we [Read More]

A selection of succulents, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 42 of 2019

​Time to catch up on the latest M.E. news headlines and blog updates from the community. So grab a cuppa and get comfy,​ there are many great articles to read this week! *If you missed last week’s round up, I’m sorry, that was my fault, I never finished writing it due to ill health, I will [Read More]

Char outside in the garden wearing a sunhat and sunglasses, title reads: exploring the garden and our first BBQ in years. Personal update.

​Last year, at the end of Summer, we moved into this house that has a lovely little garden. It was the first time in years that I have had a private garden to explore and relax in – quite a treat when you’re housebound and severely ill! Last year we didn’t do much in the garden, [Read More]

A bouquet of blue hydrangeas, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 40 of 2019

​It’s that time of the week again! M.E. news headlines and blog updates from the community. There’s been a lot of buzz this week with bold M.E. activism in the EU parliament, the Cochrane review being released and flu season around the corner for those of us in the North. ​Get comfy and enjoy! If you​’ve [Read More]

A bouquet of pink flowers, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 39 of 2019

​Hello lovelies! Scroll down for this week’s M.E. news highlights and the latest blog updates from warriors in our community summarised just for you. Please share any of these articles if you find them interesting or helpful​ and why not leave a comment to let the authors know you stopped by. It’s always encouraging to [Read More]

Picture of colourful wildflowers in a field, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 38 of 2019

​It’s that time of the week again – grab some snacks, make yourself comfortable, and let’s catch up! I’ve summari​sed the latest news articles and blog updates from the M.E. community just for you and this week there is so much to be excited about! If you enjoy reading any of these articles, please consider sharing [Read More]

Blue emojis with quizzical look on their faces. Title reads: Frequently asked questions about M.E. Elaborating on terminology and topics I commonly refer to.

As this community grows I get more and more questions about certain words or acronyms I use in my writing and graphics, so I thought I would create a page to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about M.E. I hope this will be helpful to you, please share any of the images from [Read More]

Picture of large pink proteas, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 37 of 2019

It’s time for some weekend reading! Curl up with a cuppa and let’s catch up on some community news.  I’ve summarised this week’s M.E. news as well as the latest updates from bloggers in the community. Enjoy!​This Week’s M.E. News​You can ​help raise awareness of M.E. by ​sharing any of the linked articles or ​sharing [Read More]

Announcing Char's Birthday Fundraiser in support of The MECFS Foundation South Africa. With the foundations logo in the middle.

​Did you know that ​with ​a small donation you could help fund vital support for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in Africa? It’s true! My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and this year I’ve decided to dedicate it to support this vulnerable and chronically ill community in South Africa – and I’m [Read More]

Picture of green ferns, Title reads: M.E. Community News, News headlines and blog highlights from week 36 of 2019

​I’m running a bit late this week, but here’s a summary of the latest news ​on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as well as blog updates from our fellow warriors. So, make yourself comfortable and let’s catch up! It seems to have been a busy week in our community, lots of new articles were published and there was the [Read More]

September 2019 nomination for the Chronically Hopeful Award

​​I am honoured to have been nominated for the Chronically Hopeful Award! ​​And no, I did not create this award, ​the name is just a happy coincedence, although I had actually been planning to create one for ​spoonie bloggers myself​. But as you can see, fellow chronic illness warrior, Pamela ​from There Is Always Hope, [Read More]