November 1, 2018

I'm so excited to share this heartwarming story with you today! Nobody's Girl by Tania Crosse is a fantastic book full of family drama, tragedy, friendship and love. You will follow wonderfully relatable characters through the most trying times of their lives - prepare to be transported on a rollercoater of emotional events. Loved this book!


The boom years immediately after the Great War bring nothing but happiness for wealthy industrialist Wigmore Stratfield-Whyte and his wife Clarissa – until tragedy robs them of their greatest treasure.

Many years later, an horrific fatal accident brings young Meg Chandler, a spirited farmer's daughter, into their lives. Meg wants nothing to do with them, but Clarissa is drawn irresistibly towards the bereaved girl and will move heaven and earth to help her. Will Meg allow Clarissa into her own shattered life, and can the two share a future happiness together? And will Meg's new acquaintances bring her the contentment she craves – or seek to destroy her?

About The Book

Book cover features girl standing outside on a farm with caption that reads Can a rebellious heart find peace? Nobody's Girl, by Tania CrosseBook cover features girl standing outside on a farm with caption that reads Can a rebellious heart find peace? Nobody's Girl, by Tania Crosse


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Tania Crosse
Family Saga Fiction
Kindle / Paperback / Audio

October 2018

AuthorTania Crosse
Publisher: Aria
Genre: Family Saga Fiction
Pages: 372
FormatKindle / Paperback / Audio
I Read It: October 2018

My Thoughts On "Nobody's Girl"

This is a wonderful family-centred story of courage and resilience. Highlighting the struggles we have in learning to trust people and build friendships when faced with unimaginable heartache and loss.

Despite the heartbreaking trials faced by the main characters, this story remained utterly enthralling, drawing me in right from the start, I just didn't want to put it down!

The story is believable and relatable. It's a fabulous family life saga which I absolutely loved reading. There are some interesting and lovable characters and Tania has developed them and their relationships so very well. 

She's used such beautifully descriptive language that you'll be sucked right into the story from the first page. Set in the Kent countryside in the years leading up to the Second World War, you are transported to a time before electricity and plumbing were found in most houses. A land of stately homes on rolling hills and cosy cottages on working farms.

I was happy that this book had no explicit scenes and used clean language for the most part. My only complaint would be that there were a few swear words, but they were in line with a couple of the characters and were not a regular occurrence.

Five Stars

Overall I thought this book was fantastic! I fell in love with some of the characters, felt their pain and their joy and loved being transported back in time to those gorgeous landscapes.

I couldn't wait to see what would happen next and picked up my Kindle to continue reading every moment I could. I cannot wait to read the sequel!

A powerful story, interesting characters and relatable issues covered. I highly recommend this book!

Book cover features girl standing outside on a farm with caption that reads Can a rebellious heart find peace? Nobody's Girl, by Tania Crosse. Utterly enthralling, drawing me in right from the start. With a 5 star rating.

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