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Moving To A New House – Plus 12 Ways To Make Moving Easier If You’re Chronically Ill

A pile of boxes stacked up next to a radiator. Title reads Moving to a new house, plus 12 tips to make moving easier

This summer was a season of great change for our family. After little more than a year in our flat, my dad had found us a lovely big house with a garden and we were packing again. Moving house can be quite stressful for the healthiest of people, so it can really be a nightmare for somebody with a severe chronic illness like ME.

We actually loved our flat, it was enough for my sister and I, it ticked most of the boxes when we were house hunting a year ago, but there wasn't room for the parents when they came over, and it was starting to get crowded.

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When moving to a foreign country feels like coming home

Moving to a foreign country, homecoming BLOG

It was an icy November evening in 2010, exactly 7 years ago today, when my best friend and I hopped on a plane to London from Milan. I had spent the past ten years living in Northern Italy, literally all of my adult life, and this was the beginning of a new chapter. We landed shortly before midnight.

We both had been unhappy in our jobs for various reasons for quite some time, so when we lost our jobs, which I now see as a blessing although at the time I was devastated, we started looking outside of Italy for new opportunities. By the time we flew over we had researched housing, grocery lists, medical services, transport and even further education. We felt we knew enough to get by and reach our goals and it helped that they speak English in England – that just makes everything easier!

What we didn’t have when we got on that plane was work or accommodation. We were arriving in a new country with only a cabin bag each and hope for a brighter future – a huge leap of faith.

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How To Get Rid Of Tiny White Mites

Woman with her hands in her hair, she looks frustrated. Title reads: the teeny, tiny white bugs are gone at last. TIny mites that look like specks of dust moving around.

I'm sure you want to know how to get rid of those tiny white mites all over your home. These tiny bugs, which look like specks of dust, seem be infesting homes everywhere. But we have managed to eliminate them after just 2 weeks of effort! So, let's get to it, here's how to get rid of the tiny white mites infesting your home:

Oh! If you don't know the story about our mite infestation, you can read about it in my earlier post, here. This post only deals with how to get rid of them.

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How Iโ€™ve Been Since Moving To The New House

Char lying on the sofa, looking exhausted. Title reads: how I've been since moving to the new house. Personal update.

We are settled in the new house now and I'm happy to say that I'm doing much better than I was a few months ago in London! Of course I'm still housebound, but I'm able to be up and walk around the house in the day. No more staying in bed all day, except during flares if I overdo things. Something I did over the last two days, but other than that I haven't โ€‹had a big flare since moving to the new house in May!

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What Are These Teeny, Tiny White Bugs All Over My House?

Woman with her hands in her hair, she looks frustrated. Title reads: Our house is infested with teeny, tiny white bugs. TIny mites that look like specks of dust moving around.

This past week we discovered that my bed, which was in the house when we moved in, had some teeny, tiny white bugs! Not bedbugs thankfully, more like tiny dust mites or something similar. Teeny, tiny white specks of dust that crawl around independently.

So annoying because now I cannot stop staring at every speck of dust I notice on any surface: does it move? Is it alive? Quite nerve wrecking!

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