September 29, 2017

Does chronic illness make you feel useless? I know that many ​Christians with chronic illness feel like they are no longer useful to God or others, that they have lost all purpose and can no longer contribute to society or ministry, but that is just not true! Don't compare your resources ​and abilities to anybody else's, they are yours and they are enough.


God ​Can Use ​Us Despite Ourselves

We may have good reasons why we can no longer be of any use to anybody. We may make excuses, like Moses did.​ It might seem like all is lost and we have been beaten, like it might have seemed when Jesus was ​dying on the cross, but God itsn't limited by our shortcomings or our circumstances. He can and does use any circumstance for His good will. 

Throughout your life, He has given you unique experiences, gifts and talents, even if you don't recognise them as such. They serve a purpose wherever you are in life. Ministry happens not only in church on Sundays, or on foreign missions in ​isolated villages, it happens wherever you are. You ​won't even be aware of it sometimes:

In the supermarket, online, in your building, on the bus -  wherever you are in Christ, whatever you do, you can be a light and touch hearts like nobody else could.

Your unique experience and circumstances put you in the position to understand and empathise in a way that others could not. You can reach people nobody else can.

There is a place and a purpose for each of us. Like my pastor used to say: God doesn't make spare parts. Just because you can't see the purpose, doesn't mean there isn't one.

Your everyday life has a purpose you might never fully comprehend, but rest assured that even the worst of circumstances can be turned around or used by God to bring about good to you or those around you.

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​I'm not for a minute saying that God causes us to suffer for whatever reason - the fallen nature of this world ensures that we will suffer all sorts of things in this lifetime, but by the Grace of God and in His infinite wisdom, He is able to use those horrible things to bring about good​. ​Therein lies our victory and hope. All things work together for good. All things.

Rom 12:8 Use the gifts you have

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

You might not have loads of money or energy or the ability to do many activities to help others, but you have love, kindness, leadership skills, creative ideas, time to listen or pray, advice to give, and a life to live in victory despite the hardships that you face - a testimony and encouragement to those who watch your journey daily.

You Are Enough!

We each have our own unique skills and experiences which equip us to reach others in ways that somebody else cannot. 

You can serve God and others anywhere, in so many ways. Ask Him to​ use you. Start right where you are with what you've got. He will meet you there.

God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.

In the background are white flowers in a bouquet. Quote in the foreground reads: od is not limited by your shortcomings, he doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called.

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  • I’ve been reading through many posts on this blog, without giving myself much time for reflection.

    This post made me pause a bit longer. Since getting sick for the second time I’ve noticed that I am much more likely to love on strangers in menial ways. I see them and I share of myself.

    • Sorry to hear you’re sick again, Salena. I think illness does give us a sense of compassion and consideration of others we might not have had before. It certainly changes us and the way we interact with others.

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