The SIPB Summer Blog Tag: My Summertime Favourites

One of my favourite things about the blogging community are the seasonal tagging events. These blog tags are like a game of “20 Questions” and “Tag – You’re It!” rolled into one.

You generally answer a bunch of themed questions or write a post based on a theme or prompt and then tag a few people to take part. It’s a wonderful way to get to know each other better and a fun escape from the usual topics we write about. This one is all about Summer favourites!

The SIPB Summer Blog Tag

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1. ​Favourite Summer Holiday Destination

Out of all my Summer holidays, I must say that Corsica was probably my favourite because of it’s crystal clear waters and deserted, hidden beaches. I would LOVE to go back there! But a close second are the almost annual summer holidays we used to have at Lake Como in Italy.

We would rent a little wooden cabin on the shores of the lake, making sure it was close to a beautiful pool too and just live the simple life for a couple of weeks. Gorgeous mountain and lake views, delicious food, excellent weather, with lots and lots of floating in the pool!

Corsica, a gorgeous hidden bay

​A Hidden Beach In Corsica

2. ​Favourite ​Childhood ​Memory ​Of Summer

I grew up on the East Coast of South Africa. My favourite summer activity then was when almost our entire family would gather on the beach in the morning and we would spend the whole day there.

We’d get there after an early breakfast, enjoy the morning sunshine, have a full BBQ on the beach for lunch, fresh fruit, ice-cream, lots of swimming and getting horribly burnt in the African sun, leftovers for dinner before packing up and heading home as the sun set low.

Family time was special. Lots of cousins to play with, all the adults chatting away and laughing in the distance while we splashed in the waves and explored rock pools. You can also read about our Summery Christmases in South Africa here!

Char and her cousins exploring rock pools on a beach in South Africa in the 80s

Exploring Rockpools In South Africa

3. ​Ice-cream ​Or ​Frozen ​Yogurt?

I love frozen yogurt, coconut flavour is my favourite or yogurt flavoured ice-cream! I also love any chocolate or nut flavoured ice creams, much more than fruity ones. Like Bacio (hazelnut and chocolate), Cornetto, Magnum, Pistaccio, etc. Mmm, nom!

Char holding a Frozen Yogurt while seated in a wheelchair. In the photo, the yogurt cup is held in front of the O in the yogurt sign.

Char enjoying Frozen Yogurt in Italy.

4. ​Go-to ​Dinner On A Hot Summer Evening

A huge bowl of salad with either grilled chicken or tuna in the salad. Before I was on a ketogenic diet I would have hummus and veg to dip – things like carrots, celery, cucumber, plum tomatoes, grapes and bell peppers – so refreshing!

5. ​Favourite BBQ ​Food?

Lamb or ribs with garlic bread, my aunt’s 3 bean salad, my mums spicy pasta salad, corn on the cob with salt and butter melting all over it and ma’s potato salad. Oh my, so delicious! Can only eat the meat now since I’m on a Ketogenic diet for health purposes. I would have to ​have substitutions on all the rest as it’s all really high carb and would cause me a lot of pain. I am so grateful for all the delicious BBQs I’ve already enjoyed though!!

6. ​Summer Soundtrack

I don’t really have a soundtrack to my summers, they tend to be full of activities and exploring, being outdoors – not much music involved. The sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore would be my summer soundtrack!

7. ​How Do You Beat The Summer Heat​?

I ​recently wrote a post about this! This summer has been particularly harsh, so I have had to find ways to adapt. I now use cooling pads daily and have had to use ice packs, wet cloths and fans regularly too. Keeping hydrated helps.

Char wearing a wide-rimmed summer hat and sunglasses. There are large windows behind her with floral curtains hanging.

Char Sporting Her Summer ​Hat and Sunglasses

8. Swimming ​In ​The ​Ocean ​Or ​A ​Pool

When I was a child I loved the ocean, ​we lived near the beach, the ocean was free, pools were expensive – but now I love pools. I like to see the bottom of whatever I’m swimming in, so I tend to prefer pools. That’s why I loved Corsica so much, I got to go snorkelling in the sea and I could see aaaaaall the way down to the bottom because the water was so clear!

Char floating in a pool, she has one pool noodle supporting her legs and the other supporting her neck and arms

Char Floating In A Pool In Italy

​9. Do ​You ​Prefer ​To ​Travel ​With ​Others ​Or Solo?

I don’t think I have ever travelled solo, apart from a couple of random flights to meet up with family. I quite like travelling with my parents and my sister – since we have similar preferences and all get on really well, it makes for a stress-free getaway. Now I am reliant on my family as my carers, especially my sister, so I’d be most comfortable having her around anyway.

10. Flip-flops ​Or ​Barefoot?

Growing up in Africa, we walked barefoot quite often, but then as an adult in Italy it was just not done. They don’t do bare feet there – not even indoors! I used to wear flip-flops a lot in Italy, now I wear sandals, not flip-flops, they’re too noisy!  I also can’t bath daily anymore, so it would be gross to get my feet dirty day after day… so I have a good reason to wear slippers or sandals indoors!

I might invest in a little foot bath so I can walk around barefoot again and easily wash my feet.

My Summertime Favourites, Blog Tag, Chronically Hopeful

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  1. What is your favourite Summer holiday destination?
  2. What is your favourite childhood memory of Summer?
  3. Which do you prefer: ice-cream or frozen yogurt?
  4. What is your go-to dinner on a hot Summer evening?
  5. What is your favourite BBQ food?
  6. Share a song that takes you back to an amazing Summer
  7. How do you beat the heat in the Summer?
  8. Do you prefer swimming in the ocean or a pool?
  9. Do you prefer to travel with family, friends or solo?
  10. Flip-flops or barefoot?

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  1. I love your clever questions at the bottom to cut and paste, I wish i’d thought of it. Oh and the links to others ‘damn’. I want to go to Corsica now, the husband makes me a mean 5 bean salad too. There is nothing better than the sound of the sea. Growing up in Africa sounds exciting I want to know more. So I now follow and will be back to read more.

    • Ah, haha…. You can always add those features in ? I just always struggled to retype all the questions when tagged in these types of posts, so it came about that way. Trying to make life easier for those tagged.

      I am so grateful for my childhood in Africa. I have a few posts waiting to be completed. Lots of fun memories I want to record.

      Thanks for all the love! xx

    • Thanks, Amelia! I’ve now added photos to the answers too. I really enjoy these sort of posts too. We should do another one!