Get Your Own Personalised Millions Missing Poster For ME Awareness Month

#MillionsMissing Personalised poster for ME awareness. How to get your own millions missing poster

May is #MEAwarenessMonth and I thought, since many of us cannot go to the live #MillionsMissing events in person, I'd like to help my fellow people with ME (pwME) to raise awareness online by offering you personalised Millions Missing posters!

I know you are an incredibly creative and driven group of people, but I also know that many are too ill to use their skills and talents as they would like to and cognitive dysfunction as well as physical incapacity often makes using a device or learning new things very difficult. So I hope this free community service will be helpful to you.


Personalised Millions Missing Posters!

Char has been missing from teaching, natue walks, cinema, cycling, church, shopping and daily baths since 2015., Char lying on the bed, feeling ill.
Joel's been missing from full time education, cubs, football, swimming, afamily days out since 2017. Picture of Joel luing down, looking exhausted and sad.
Stefan has been missing diving, going outside, entrepreneurship, seeing friends and family, sun and rain, planning his life since 2012. Picture of Stefan deep sea diving before he fell ill.
Anita has been missing her vocation of teaching, being a daughter, sister and aunt, seeing any family or friends, tolerating any treatments, and autonomy since 1979.

Click on the above examples to zoom in.

You are welcome to share these images online or print them out to share at events.

How It Works

Your poster will have your photo and your text on it.

You simply fill in a short form and email me your photo, it will probably take about 5 minutes.

Then, once I've made your poster, I will send it to you via email. 

If you'd like me to create one for you, just click here to request yours:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free service to the ME community, done manually by me. It is not an official ME Action Network project, I am volunteering my time and energy to help the community. Please keep in mind that I am just one person and I too have Severe ME. I will gladly provide this service for as long as I can manage it and reserve the right to discontinue it at any time. I thank you for your patience and understanding. - Char (Chronically Hopeful)

Using These Graphics For Advocacy

Please note that by using this free service, you agree that your posters will be shared publicly, by me and others, on social media and possibly on printed posters as part of the Millions Missing awareness campaigns.

You may use your poster whenever you wish, you do not have to wait for my permission or for ME Awareness days to share it.

Please visit this page to read the full terms of use if you have intentions of using these graphics anywhere other than on social media.

Your Privacy

I understand that some people are in vulnerable positions and cannot be identified publicly. You may still contribute anonymously.

If you do not wish to show your face, you may send a representative image instead. You could send a photo of your view from your bed in the "ME Perspective" style or send a photo of an empty pair of shoes you no longer wear.

If you do not wish to use your real name, you may use a nickname or initials.

Your email address will not be shared publicly, it is only needed to contact you about your poster, if necessary, and to send the completed poster to you.

How To Print Your Poster For Events

Many have asked about printing these posters out to display at awareness events. So I have tested it, the poster came out nice and big, covering most of the page. Here's how I did it:

Double click the image to open it, then select the following menu options

  1. File
  2. Print...
  3. Select A4 (or whatever your page size is)
  4. Select Fit To Page (so it fills the page without spilling over)
  5. Print

Another option would be to insert the picture into a Word document, adjust size, margins, etc and print it.

Contribute To Other Awareness Campaigns

I have a few other awareness campaigns you may be interested in contributing towards. These campaigns include quotes from patients with ME. The graphics in these campaigns are not sent to you once created, but you can access the entire collection online. See details below.

The "Effects Of ME" Campaign

MyalgicE, when you delevope intolerance to the medication that should relieve your symptoms
MyalgicE, when your doctor doesn't believe you because he can't find anything wrong in your blood
MyalgicE, When walking 7 steps to the toilet feels like leg day at the gym

In 2017 I created the "Effects of ME" campaign for ME Awareness month in May. Quotes are collected from patients about how ME affects their daily life. They are asked to complete the sentence "You know you have ME when..." in their own words. The responses show, in a practical way, ME's debilitating effects on even the most ordinary parts of our daily lives. All quotes in this series are anonymous.

These images are free to share online and can be found here.

TERMS OF USE - if you have intentions of using these graphics anywhere other than on social media: click here.

The "Severe ME Is..." Campaign

Severe ME is every moment is a tightrope walk between holdinf on and letting go. Severe ME Day
Severe ME is being unable to see, touch, hold or interact with my 2 year old son. Severe ME Day
Severe ME is missing solitude, privacy, unstructured time and autonomy. Severe ME Awareness Day

In 2018 I created the "Severe ME is..." campaign for Severe ME Day in August. For this series, severely ill patients are asked to complete the sentence "Severe ME is..." in their own words. The response I got was powerful and heartbreaking. A very vivid look at the suffering this illness causes. For this series patients may choose to share their identity or remain anonymous. You must be housebound or bedridden to participate in this series.

These images are free to share online and can be found here.

TERMS OF USE - if you have intentions of using these graphics anywhere other than on social media: click here.

Thank You!

I'd like to thank everybody who has contributed to these awareness campaigns and shared their stories. Your openness and honesty about the devastating effects of this illness is helping to educate the public as well as showing other patients that they are not alone.

Share Your Whole Story

If you'd like to share your whole story in more detail, I'd love to feature you as a Warrior of The Month here on Chronically Hopeful and accross all my social media channels. 

Visit this page to see how you can be featured. Once again, you may remain anonymous if you prefer not to be identified when sharing your story.

Get your own Millions Missing Poster with your photo and your words, share your M.E story, pin by Chronically Hopeful

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  • Ellie Strand says:

    First, THANKS so much for doing this! It is incredibly kind and generous.

    Sadly, I can’t get the button for the short form for the poster information to connect. Could you please look into this?

  • dSavannah says:

    Wow. This is amazing of you. <3

    • Ah, thank you, Savannah. I’m just happy to help and be a part of the campaign even if I can’t get out of bed. Requests are coming in at a rate of about 10-20 a day! Glad it’s been so well received.

  • Depsite Pain says:

    This is great for awareness. I will be writing a post about ME is May. I don’t suffer from ME thankfully, but I’d like to help the awareness effort. I hope you don’t mind if I link your blog.
    By the way, you are one of my nominees for the Disabled Blogger Award

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