A crocheted twiddle muff with tassels and buttons on it lying on the carpet. Title reads, How to crochet s twiddle muff

How To Crochet A Twiddle Muff, A Handmade Sensory Toy To Relieve Anxiety

Most people with chronic illness have experienced anxiety or panic at some point.  It’s not always a condition on it’s own, but commonly is a symptom of other illnesses that affect the autonomic nervous system. There are many ways to reduce anxiety and stress, but today I will be sharing a fun and creative craft project that will help you restore calm to your world – the Twiddle Muff! If you’ve ever met somebody with mental health or even chronic…

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Char pulling a funny face. Title reads: How to have M.E. successfully. A humorous look at life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

How To Have ME Successfully

I came across this fantastic list of guidelines for how to live successfully with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and just had to share it. It’s so refreshing to ​read a light-hearted account of life with this ​horrible illness. I’ll be sharing this humorous look at life with M.E. below as well as explain the realities of each point in more detail to help with raising awareness. Also, I’ve created this image you can share on social media:  ​Pin This! Do not consider…

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Char lying on the bed, feeling ill. Title reads: Living with severe M.E. Who am I now? When it feels like you've lost your identity to chronic illness

Living With Severe ME/CFS, Who Am I Now?

Who am I? When living with severe chronic illness it can be easy to feel like you’ve lost your identity. When experiencing a loss of identity, you start doubting yourself, you lose confidence, you lack purpose and vision. You start to feel useless. It is important to reflect and ​remember who you are​. Reignite your dreams and goals, your passion and purpose. ​ ​Being diagnosed with a severe chronic illness means those things can become a bit blurry. When you…

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Photo of hundreds of empty pairs of shoes in a town square representing th millions of ME/cfs patients missing from society. Title reads, How you can help the Millions Missing, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis awareness and advocacy,by Chronically Hopeful

Advocacy And Fundraising Ideas And Resources

We in the ME community are so grateful that you are interested in supporting our cause. Thank you! I hope that the information on this page will inspire you to action, giving you ideas and resources to help you help us. We need all the help from healthy allies that we can get! The quickest way to support our cause is to donate towards advocacy campaigns or research. For a list of global organisations which you can support, click here.…

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Title reads Join The MEcfs Community, Social group for ME & CFS patients and carers. Photo of blue forget-me-notspin by Chronically Hopeful

A Community for ME/CFS Bloggers and Patients

When I was first diagnosed with ​Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I felt lost. It’s a condition I had never heard of before and my doctor didn’t seem to know much about it either. What got me through was the support of other patients I found online. And they continue to be my support as the years go by! For this reason I have created a community online for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and their carers.…

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Paleo-keto Breakfast and Snacks BLOG

Paleo-Ketogenic Breakfast and Snack Ideas

Some of the most common questions I get asked when people are considering the ketogenic diet is “What can I have for breakfast?” and “Which snacks can I eat?”. I have compiled a list of breakfast and snack ideas which I have enjoyed since I made my transition to Keto at the start of 2017. I hope these will inspire you. You might notice, though, that after a while on this diet you will no longer be hungry in the…

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Paleo-ketogenic chocolate truffles BLOG

Paleo-Ketogenic Chocolate Truffles with Almond Filling

One of the staples in my house are these ketogenic chocolate truffles. These delicious little fat bombs are protein packed too! They are nutty and chocolatey and they melt in your mouth. I love having mine as dessert after a meal with a cup of coffee.  I’m not sure where the original recipe came from, but we have modified it since and I will be sharing with you the recipe we now use every week. I hope you will enjoy…

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How I overcame insomnia BLOG

How I overcome insomnia

When I first got ME/CFS, I was so utterly exhausted, I slept many hours a day and I slept at night too. Later I was introduced to one of ME’s most horrible symptoms: insomnia. I know the frustration and despair that comes from not getting sleep for nights on end, so in this post I will explain how I overcome insomnia whenever it creeps back into my life. It’s quite ironic that people think having ME/CFS means we sleep all…

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A messy bed. Title reads: Imagine... a day in the life of M.E. Have you ever wondered what chronically ill people do all day?

Imagine… A Day in The Life of ME

It might surprise you how often people with chronic illness are asked what they do with all the free time they have at home. I think many healthy people have no idea how difficult it is to deal with unrelenting symptoms on a daily basis. I hope to shed some light on this by sharing with you what a day in the life of Severe ME is like. This post was originally written as a first person account of my…

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a field of forget-me-not flowers

ME/CFS Awareness Pictures To Share, Part 5

Every Wednesday the ME community comes together on Twitter to raise awareness of this debilitating chronic illness. We share recent media coverage, research news, our personal experiences and more. Making new connections and supporting each other. I often join in and share various ME awareness pictures during that hour. ​Below you will find the graphics I shared during the last ME Awareness Hour. I hope this will help you understand what life is like with ME If you have learned…

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