A close up of granola, title reads: Keto granola recipe, a low carb, sugar and grain free breakfast or snack

Delicious Keto Granola Recipe, Perfect Low Carb Breakfast Or Snack

One of the hardest things to adjust to when switching to a keto diet is giving up all those carb-filled, crunchy breakfast foods and snacks. This keto-friendly granola is not only low carb, sugar free and grain free, it’s also nutritious, delicious and crunchy! I eat it with CoYo for breakfast or as a dessert or snack and my Mum has been enjoying it too since being diagnosed Pre-Diabetic. Delivering On A Promise I Made After sharing photos of my…

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Paleo-keto Breakfast and Snacks BLOG

Paleo-Ketogenic Breakfast and Snack Ideas

Some of the most common questions I get asked when people are considering the ketogenic diet is “What can I have for breakfast?” and “Which snacks can I eat?”. I have compiled a list of breakfast and snack ideas which I have enjoyed since I made my transition to Keto at the start of 2017. I hope these will inspire you. You might notice, though, that after a while on this diet you will no longer be hungry in the…

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Paleo-ketogenic chocolate truffles BLOG

Paleo-Ketogenic Chocolate Truffles with Almond Filling

One of the staples in my house are these ketogenic chocolate truffles. These delicious little fat bombs are protein packed too! They are nutty and chocolatey and they melt in your mouth. I love having mine as dessert after a meal with a cup of coffee.  I’m not sure where the original recipe came from, but we have modified it since and I will be sharing with you the recipe we now use every week. I hope you will enjoy…

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Four plates of low histamine keto meals

Low Histamine Keto Meal Ideas, Week1, Oct 2017

It’s that time of the week again! Time to start thinking about what we will eat in the week ahead. As most people who attempt a change in diet are aware, planning is essential if you want to minimise the chances of falling off the wagon. In these posts, though, I do not plan ahead, but show you what I’ve eaten this week in the hope that thy will help you in your planning. These are my favourite meals from…

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Four plates of low histamine keto meals

Low Histamine Keto Meal Ideas, Part 1

This is the first of what I hope will become a regular series on my blog: low histamine ketogenic meal ideas! I had initially thought of doing weekly meal plans in advance and sharing them here with you, but my health doesn’t allow for consistency like that and I’ve only ever managed the first post. So I have decided to rather post a round-up of past meals which you and I can scroll through for inspiration whenever we’re short on…

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Char's hand holding a stack of 3 coconut treats. Title reads: Bounty bar alternative recipe.

Paleo-Ketogenic Bounty Bars Recipe

I often get asked about the recipe for these delicious treats. When you switch to a paleo or ketogenic way of eating, it is often difficult to come to terms with losing many of your favourite snacks. Finding clean alternatives to snack on is usually very difficult because they either taste nothing like the original or just downright awful! Bounty bars were one of my favourite chocolates, so I was very happy when I first found a recipe for them.…

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Plate of salad. Title reads, basic paleo ketogenic meal plan for beginners. breaking it down to avoid overwhelm. ChronicallyHopeful.com

Basic Paleo-ketogenic Meal Plan for Beginners

Since starting Dr Myhill’s recommended diet, I have had quite a few requests for a basic meal plan. Many people find it hard to navigate through all the information that is out there, specially us spoonies with brain fog! I have had a while to work through the relative chapters in the book and have been on this journey for 6 weeks now. I am starting to feel the benefits! This is the very first meal plan outline I gave my…

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