Paleo-Ketogenic Bounty Bars Recipe

I often get asked about the recipe for these delicious treats. When you switch to a paleo or ketogenic way of eating, it is often difficult to come to terms with losing many of your favourite snacks. Finding clean alternatives to snack on is usually very difficult because they either taste nothing like the original or just downright awful! Bounty bars were one of my favourite chocolates, so I was very happy when I first found a recipe for them.

I have no idea where the original recipe came from, but I have made these so many times and changed the recipe a few times, so I will share my own version of these, which I am using now. I love them!

One thing I have noticed is that keto recipes often use a huge amount of sweetener which I just cannot tolerate. I don’t have such a sweet tooth! So my recipe only calls for a small amount of sweetener, please taste your mixture and adjust as necessary before putting these delicious chocolate treats together.

These bounty bar substitutes are one of my favourite keto staples and are sugar, nut and egg free. They can also be dairy free, so they can also be paleo friendly and are unlikely to cause allergic reactions. With my current histamine overload, I have been able to continue enjoying one or two of these a day without reactions.

I enjoy them on their own as a tea time treat or as a dessert after dinner with berries, double cream or coconut cream.

Paleo-ketogenic bounty bar with fresh cream, nuts, seeds and raspberries

Cream, nuts, seeds ​and berries

Paleo-ketogenic bounty bar and a cup of coffee

With a cup of coffee

Paleo-ketogenic bounty bar with coconut yogurt and bee pollen

​Coconut yogurt and bee pollen

I don’t make single bars covered in chocolate, but rather large slabs with a layer of chocolate on top that, once set, will be cut into squares. This way they only have chocolate on top.

One optional addition I sometimes make is to add a big scoopful of raw cacao nibs to the coconut mixture. This adds extra nutrients and some crunch. Just beware that cacao is high histamine, so people with histamine intolerance might want to avoid this addition.

I make mine with 90% Lindt chocolate, so they’re not completely dairy free, but if you use dairy free chocolate, or mix cocoa, sweetener and melted cocoa butter, then that should work out quite well too.

Process of making Bounty bars: add coconut mixture to baking pan

Add coconut mixture to ​a pan

Process of making Bounty bars: press coconut mixture flat

Press mixture into a solid slab

Process of making Bounty bars: Finished product

​Cut ​chilled slab into bars

​Keep in mind that I am in the UK, so all the ingredients mentioned are easily available to me here, but similar items might not have the same name or ​consistency in your country.

​Paleo-Ketogenic “Bounty Bars”

Recipe from:

Coconut Base
  • 200g unsweetened dessicated coconut
  • 50g melted coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup cocoa butter (I use this)
  • 1 cup coconut milk/cream (I prefer Sainsbury’s own brand coconut cream in a carton, it’s super thick and creamy)
    • I have also doubled this ingredient and it still worked well, made thicker bars.
    • Do not use the milk substitute like Alpro/Koko coconut milk, these are watered down and won’t set.
  • 3 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2 tsp Erythritol (or to taste)

Mix these ingredients together well, taste and adjust sweetener as needed. You can also add any extra ingredients at this point (cacao nibs, dried berries, etc) and mix well. Line a baking tray with ovenproof paper and press the mixture onto the tray in an even layer. Place tray in the fridge to set while you prepare the topping. Let it set for at least 30min.

Chocolate Topping
  • 100g (10 squares) melted 90% Lindt chocolate
  • 1/4 cup melted coconut oil

You can melt both in the microwave in a ceramic bowl. Short 30 second bursts and stir between.

Mix these ingredients together and pour over the cooled coconut base. Return the tray to the fridge or freezer for about an hour before cutting into squares and storing in airtight containers. I store mine in the freezer, separating layers with grease-proof paper and take them out as needed, they defrost quite quickly (about 10 min).

I get about 24 little squares from my tray, each one is worth about:

  • 126 calories
  • 2g carb
  • 13g fat
  • 1g protein

Please check these macros using your app and scanning the products you use for a more precise macro breakdown. The macros per bar will vary based on the size of your tray and how many bars you make out of this mixture.

I usually take them out before dinner and it’s ready to eat for dessert, but they can also be eaten directly from the freezer. They will last for a few weeks… theoretically. I make a new batch of these keto bounty bars just about every other week, though!

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