August 30, 2016

Spent the whole morning enjoying this gorgeous London sunshine out on the patio today. I had breakfast, drew a bit, then painted for a while, and just enjoyed the sunshine! I even hung a sheet over the washing lines to create a sort of tent for a bit of shade and lay out on a grass mat enjoying the warmth of the sun on my legs and the cool breeze.


I don't have any patio chairs or table out there, so it's not very comfortable on the hard paving, but I used some cushions for support and was okay for a while, was seriously stiff afterwards though!

Despite that, it's still such a blessing to be able to just step out of my room and into the garden. I even had a visit from a little squirrel who came to play in the pear tree behind me! 

I'm back on my bed now for some proper rest though. It wasn't a very active morning, but I'm shattered. I'm probably paying for yesterday's laundry and shower.

Anyway, I'm super happy with today! I came in at noon for a delicious mackerel salad and will now rest on the bed with Netflix until digestion is finished. I'm feeling so exhausted.

I hope all of you lovely people in London are taking advantage of this amazing weather today and the rest of you have a wonderful day too!

Char spending time on the patio in the sun.

Note: a version of this was first published on Facebook or Instagram. Although this website was created quite a bit later, I wanted to have my whole chronic illness story in one place, so I have transferred it here and backdated it.

Thank you for stopping by. Hugs, Char xx

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