Grateful For Those Productive Days

Char standing outside under a tree, shes wearing a greet top and matching dangling earrings and smiling.

Today has been quite productive! We just had our shower doors replaced this week, which meant waiting at least 24 hours for the silicone to dry before we could use the shower. It smells really bad, but Praise God we found a cheap little fan on Amazon and it's been such a help with the ventilation in the room.


We don't get a draught or breeze through the flat, there is only one window which is really our patio door. Anyway, so today I finally got to have a shower again - without wetting the bathroom floor. 

We also did a couple of loads of laundry. When I say we, I mean that I helped my sis hang them and take them down. I cannot do it all on my own and she does the lifting. We also took out the recycling. It goes in bins across the street by the park, where we took this photo, so got my daily walk in too!

My legs are quite sore today, I think it's from sweeping the patio yesterday, or more specifically crouching down to clip the weeds growing through the paving on my patio.

Now that I think about it, it would be the equivalent of doing squats! I didn't think about that at the time. It was just fun to get the patio all clean looking after the plumber left all the bits and pieces of pipes and packaging out there in the wind. Such a mess.

Now when I look out the door, I smile! Clean and tidy. Spent the rest of my day on the bed, at times with my watercolours and other times with Netflix. Exhausted, sore and not exactly the most stable on my feet today, but oh so happy!

Note: This post was originally published on Instagram on 29 August 2016.
I decided to repost my social media posts on the blog so that I have a saved copy of all my content in case any of the social media platforms shut down in the future or if they delete my accounts for some reason. This has happened to a few people I know. I'd hate to lose all my advocacy posts and the record of my health progress over the years. These posts will be shorter than my usual blog posts and won't necessarily follow the same format. They will be clearly labelled "Social Media Repost" in the header image.

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